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Golden teacher

Thank you for posting a public 5-Star Review of our Golden Teacher MSS. We appreciate the support and look forward to hearing from you again real soon.

Not sure what to think. I'll give it two more weeks to present. If nothing shows,we may have an issue.

I am confident your research will be fruitful and fulfilling. In the unlikely event this does not come to fruition, please reach out to and we will work for a resolution.

Always great

Always good service

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a 5-Star Review.


So far everything is moving along and results on the slide soon will be observing. Love it and all of them Best company out there to get all your supplies and support from. Nick

Thank you for your continued support, Nick. We appreciate you letting us and the broader community how satisfied you are.

Research stalled

Used this syringe in usual manner & nothing was produced. Sad ;(

Please check your email for a response from me. We would like to hear more about your research.

No luck

I have had good luck with Michigan Myco syringes in the past, but this one failed to scope well.

Many things can go wrong in the fickle world of mushroom research, so I will not blame the company for this fail, but it is frustrating nevertheless.

I apologize your research did not go well. Please check your email. I sent you a reply so we can further discuss.

Blue Meanie

Researched very well. Thanks

Fast Shipping!

Fantastic research quality!

Still waiting!

Put to a scope today so just being patient!

So far so good



Thanks! Perfect order!


Super duper product!!

❤️ Michigan Myco ❤️

Great quality products and fast shipping!
Thank you!


Everything looked great .looking forward to samples for my research projects

Love Penis Envy

Absolutely awesome spores!

First timer

This is my first time doing research but I already have results and am excited to see how it continues! Very pleased with packaging and care, very speedy delivery as well! Very happy

Its alive.

They are alive growing super fast very exciting

Mr Mycology

Already way ahead of schedule, and happier than a... well, you know.

Creeper Cubensis Spore Syringe - 11cc

Excellent product

Every syringe I have purchased produced results.

Blown Away By The Service And Product

I can't say enough good things about doing business with Michigan Myco.
The online store was easy to use and order from. The packaging was professional and top-notch, ensuring the item arrived without damage. The extra goodies were a delight. And the quality of the product itself has been nothing short of astounding.
Will definitely order again.

Haven't had time to view specimen

Golden Teacher Cubensis Spore Syringe - 11cc

Great spores !!

Product received was perfect. Everything going well with the PF classic so far ! 🙂 thank you MM


I can't believe how clean these spores are. Description says slow but I haven't seen that.