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Based on 108 reviews
Great products and service.

Quick shipping and great customer service. The early stages of my research have found that this product is as advertised.


The PE spores started showing in less than 6 days. Very nice!

On time



Get the syringe

Penis Envy #6 Cubensis Spore Syringe - 11cc

Potential Dud?

Regarding the Hillbilly Cubensis Spore Syringe, I have yet to see inoculation roughly 14 days after introduction to the sample medium.

Clean and active spores

Everything is as I hoped and expected it to be. Very pleased.

Golden Teacher

Early yet, seeing some good mycelium production.

No problems

As advertised and strong genetics.

One of The Best

The quick shipping is easy to take for granted, they're that reliable! As always, my order was accurate, with LOTS of spores. No contamination, one of the best sources for mycologists around. Thanks guys!

Exactly what I ordered

No contamination and fully loaded syringe

No innoculation

I inoculated the grain bag 2.5 weeks ago and see no signs of mycelium.

very happy with product and service

Amazing results!

First time grower here! I did a lot of research on the process, and wasn't sure if it was going to work or not. I should've had 100% faith because the results were AMAZING! First flush yielded a fairly good amount, like a 2-3 handfuls (I forgot to weigh). Second flush was stunning! The grow bags were completely full with the second flush and it yielded about 2oz of dried mushrooms. Will be ordering more spores soon. Thanks Mi Myco...keep up the good work! 🙂

First Foray... 1st Syringe

No issues... the syringe was ordered and received as sold. Being my first foray into mycology research, I realized, after4 weeks, that patience is definitely needed... then the bag spawned and 3 flushes were harvested from the 1 syringe... total yield ~32 gr. I'm satisfied and consider this company a trustworthy supplier.


Great and giggly very potent

Great results!

Always great spores. A+. Fast shipping too.

Hillbilly Cubensis spore syringe

As always, a perfectly clean specimen! Michigan Myco has became my number one research material supplier! Very impressed with every aspect of Michigan Myco. The shipping is very fast and convenient. Thank you.

Not sure

Been researching, nothing's happening.

Spore syringes

I’ve purchased three different times and three different spore syringes. All seem to be working out really well! I recommend Michigan Myco and trust them to deliver high quality merchandise! I will definitely be using them as my number one trusted source of research items.

Outstanding so far

Ordered twice due to an accident in the laboratory. Both times started off great . First batch was lost due to operator error. Just to show the quality so far is a standard agar dish going strong but on a whim I was about to toss a swab as I was going for a bottled water and decided to toss the end of the swab in a bottle of sprung water. As you can see. ..I'll probably do this from now on. Why not for 20 cents.
Reviewer, how can I attach pics?


Everything is looking happy and healthy !


Always quality spores, never a let down with The folks over at Michigan myco.

I colonization process is pretty fast.havnt moved it to mono tub just yet..couple more days

B+ Cubensis

Great product, awesome website.

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