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Penis Envy Isolate Cubensis Spore Swabs – 2 Pack

Pre-Sterilized Penis Envy Isolate Cubensis Spore Swabs for Microscopy

Our swabs are handmade in a sterile environment to avoid contamination. This product is intended for microscopy and research purposes only! It is not to be used for cultivation.


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Pre-Sterilized Penis Envy Isolate Cubensis Spore Swabs for Microscopy

Penis Envy (PE) is an iconic strain that is known for its potency above other Cubensis varieties, and our PE Isolate definitely lives up to the reputation. PE has been around for a very long time, and was distinguished from other Psilocybe cubensis because of the phallic appearance of its caps. The mutation that got PE its name also prevents spores from being collected in a traditional manner, so a swab is the only way to gather spores from Penis Envy. Our PE Isolate is the original Penis Envy, so its fruits are massive, dense, and penis-shaped but few and far between. Since its initial publication, Penis Envy was an immediate hit. PE has been and continues to be crossed with other varieties to create countless unique crosses with the same hilarious mutation. Our PE Isolate is the OG variety, making it a prime candidate for future crosses and an iconic piece of an Cubensis collection.

Each Swab Sample includes:
• 2x Penis Envy Isolate Spore Swabs
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Edward G.


Get the syringe

I am very sorry you were not happy with the swabs you purchased. Michigan Myco strives for complete customer satisfaction.

Please check your email inbox. I sent you an offer so we can get your research back on track. You can always reach out to Michigan Myco at for further assistance.

robert Edwards
Great service, great price

Just wanted to say thank you. The price was great and the delivery was fast.