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Flea Market Cubensis Spore Syringe

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Flea Market Cubensis Spore Syringe Pre-Sterilized for Microscopy Research

Flea Market is a relatively new variety of Psilocybe cubensis spores to hit the scene. It came to us as a gift from a friend at Entheofest, with the claim that it originates from Ireland, though there does not seem to be much info available about this strain and its origins. Based on our research it appears the most prominent suppliers seem to be UK-based, so while we do not know the exact origins of this strain, it seems safe to say it comes from the United Kingdom, probably Ireland. We are extremely excited to bring this Psilocybe variety state side for mycology & microscopy researchers in the US.

Our research so far with Flea Market has been extremely positive! The spores are dark and plentiful, meaning one syringe should yield plenty of research results. Our friend who gifted the strain to us reported the Flea Market fruits to have medium thickness stems with large caps. They also mentioned the variety produces many fruits which turn a deep, royal blue when bruised.

We think Flea Market is a must have for mycology and microscopy researchers as well as collectors of exotic Cubensis spores. Most varieties originate from East Asia, Africa, or the United States, so an Irish or British strain is certainly a unique one to add to your collection. The strain does not have a long defined history yet, but it has the potential to become an iconic variety of P. cubensis. Pick up a Flea Market Spore Syringe today and to become a part of history in the making!

Each Mycology Kit includes:
• 1x 11cc Flea Market Spore Syringe
• 1x 18-Gauge Syringe Needle
• 1x Alcohol Prep Pad
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